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Impartial insourcing advice

Our goal is to provide your organization with impartial advice with a specific focus on identifying gaps and risks then assisting you to remediate, modify or repatriate IT services.

There are any number of reasons why organizations engage with us. A major factor is that during the outsourcing process operational domain knowledge has shifted to the providers resulting in a loss of expertise and corporate understanding about how end-to-end business processes are supported.

Repatriate Solutions' services continuum

Our continuum of services enables clients to engage our expertise to:

  • Conduct a structured diagnostic of your current situation
  • Identify immediate remediation activities to rectify gaps and risks
  • Design specific plans and a supporting business case
  • Direct remediation activities and plan execution

Structured diagnostic assessment

Our assessment methodology examines 5 key areas of outsourcing arrangements and is designed to expose gaps and risks within the contract and the IT environment.
5 pillars of examination
The output of the structured diagnostic feeds a collaborative review of the identified gaps and risks and prioritize potential remediation activities. This gives you the data and information needed to work with your existing providers to correct the issues. We can also build the plan to remediate identified gaps and risks and/or embark on a step-by-step program to rebuild capabilities.

Our services are designed to enable you to modify existing outsourcing arrangements to better align with your current business directions or technology, gain insight to overcome problematic situations, recapture lost intellectual capital and regain control.

Repatriate Solutions

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