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Tom Davenport - Oct 16, 2015 blog post Why Companies Have Stopped Outsourcing IT
The idea only made sense when companies viewed technology as a cost of doing business. The rise of digitization, big data analytics and cognitive technologies has made IT strategic again. And it is often difficult to get innovative, differentiated outcomes when you turn IT over to someone else.
by Tom Davenport | Professor Babson College

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January 12, 2016 blog post IT Reshoring Helps Companies Regain Control and Flexibility
While in the minority (16% annually according to a recent Deloitte survey) companies who plan to move operations back onshore are growing (A.T.Kearney Reshoring study). In the IT arena, several highly publicized cases include General Motors, GE Capital and Bell South.

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January 21, 2016 blog post A case study: When reshoring manufacturing can IT be far behind?
.. a problem soon became apparent. GE hadnít made a water heater in the United States in had lost track of how to actually make them.
.. a funny thing happened ... on the way from the cheap Chinese factory to the expensive Kentucky factory: The material cost went down (25%). The labor required to make it went down (10 hrs down to 2 hrs). The quality went up. Even the energy efficiency went up.
by Charles Fishman | The Atlantic

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February 02, 2016 blog post Outsourcing has negatively impacted business and technical flexibility - hindering speed and innovation required to compete
.. the lack of innovation is nearly always a top customer complaint. Luckily you can incent your provider to innovate..
by Mark Michalik

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