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Rethinking IT outsourcing

Repatriate Solutions is unique in an IT industry filled with outsourcing consultants. We engage with companies that need to modify or exit all or parts of existing outsourcing arrangements.

Where once the prospect of significantly lower labor costs drove companies to outsource services and move support offshore, today companies are beginning to question the wisdom of this strategy.

Privacy legislation, access to mature cloud-based services, geopolitical instability, quality, security concerns, theft of intellectual capital and economic factors are just some of the reasons organizations consider bringing operations back onshore.

A decision to backsource carries significant implications for an organization, as it requires the management of organizational change, reintegration of technology and knowledge and development of capabilities and competencies.

We use our years of experience with major outsourcing providers to provide insight to organizations that have outsourced IT services. Whether you need to navigate modifications to your existing outsourcing arrangement(s) to better align with current business directions or technology, regain control of core business processes, overcome problematic situations or recapture lost intellectual capital, we are here to help.

Our principals each have 30+ years of IT experience

Our outsourcing experience runs deep

  • Our principals each have 30+ years of IT experience

  • Our experience covers all areas of outsourcing from business development, strategic sales, IT architecture through account leadership & service delivery for some of the largest outsourcing companies. We have worked with various third-party advisors, across industries and company sizes from startups to multinationals & governments

Repatriate Solutions

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